April 23-27 2018 SOAR River SUP Camp-Location Squamish, BC

July 10-12 2018 SOAR River SUP Camp (For Veterans) 
Location - Canmore, Alberta

Day 1 - Kananaskis River park n play

Day 2 - Banff - Canmore Run

Day 3 - Run the Kananaskis (either the upper or lower)

​Email for details or see www.normhann.com

We also work closely with Norm Hann. Hosting River Running & Safety courses in Squamish & Canmore. Public or Private courses. 

We can train your staff to be proficient and confident in river settings as rescuers and paddlers. Helping them become strong trip leaders

Book your course today For more info click on "Contact Us" or visit www.normahnn.com

Raven Rescue & Norm Hann Expedtions

why join forces?

Raven Rescue has been recognized as the "Go To" company for Technical Rescue training in Canada. Whether it's Swift Water, Technical Rope, Boat Operations, Confined Space or Ice Rescue. Raven has the experience, knowledge and operational level skills to back up their training. 

Norm Hann has been working hard to make sure that Stand Up Paddling is being well represented here in Canada. His conservation efforts are helping the Great Bear Rain Forest stay in tact and his passion for teaching is turning out some very loyal ambassadors of the sport.

We are all passionate about this sport, its direction and the safety behind it 


Safety - In, On & around the water

Paddling rivers

Reading rivers

River etiquette/communication

River safety/Travelling in Groups


Self Rescue

SUP Safety & Rescue

 SUP in swiftwater can benefit from some specific skills & training. This hands on river based course prepares paddleboarders for swiftwater based adventures by equipping them with the skills to rescue themselves & others in moving water

Instructor to student ratios of 1:5 
Course: 2 days
River based
Call Raven Rescue for pricing 1800 880 0287

Our ObJective:

-To develop a sense of confidence & necessary skills for those who SUP in swiftwater

-Develop an ability to self rescue & rescue others in swiftwater environments

-Familiarize & train paddlers in utilization of standard SUP gear in rescue situations